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An American Entrepreneur Jeffrey Mathis a Recording Artist/Song Writer/Fashion Model/Actor/Public Figure & THC Activist professionally known as Juss Smoke. As of lately, is making headlines with his trending brand. Releasing his 1st mix tape "Fly Money" (locally) 2011 in North Georgia yet, due to extenuating circumstances waited a few years to released his debut album, "Pleasure To Burn", 2018.  Smoke has since done live performance shows in Atlanta, GA @ venues such as "The I Lounge" co-hosting the most recent "Georgia Heat Concert" Hosted by Bruse Wane  & "Vinyl Center Stage". His club sensation Legionbeats-influenced single, "Reckless", received satilite/urban radio airplay on all streaming platforms, charting on the Reverbnation Top 40 in 2018. In October of 2018 he released his official music video for his hit single "Reckless" which is available on his You Tube channel. In 2019 Smoke has been approved for Direct 2 Exec with Atlantic Records on 1/19/19. He also has the release of his highly anticipated album titled "Smoke God" dropping 2/14/2019 and has recently made claims of becoming a new ambassador of the 4/20 holiday with the creation of "Juss Smoke Week"  for exclusive 4/20 festivities within the THC community. Networking to cultivate a entirely new dominate strain known as "JS1" which he hopes will be the most potent & highly flavorful product on the market. Here he speaks about how he feels about his brand, "I never thought my Juss Smoke Brand would turn out this way. I mean at 1st, this was all a dream and I was putting together ideas and writing music. Really can't believe how far I have come with releasing my albums and gaining fans of my art world-wide. Now Juss Smoke is so much more than me as a recording artist. It's a clothing line, smoking accessory production line and movement to help build the awareness of the benifits marijuana has not juss for consumption recreationally but health wise also. The use of THC and CBD products can eradicate pain from certain individuals experiencing health complications as oppose to traditional medicine. This form of treatment should be legal and of choice on an individual basis. The laws are changing rapidly on this topic so I feel things are headed in the right direction."  Who knows what Juss Smoke will accomplish next so keep it locked right here for more updates...-JS

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#Cloud9Vibes - Juss Smoke

Official Music Video for my single "Reckless" off the album "Pleasure To Burn"-JS

Recorded October 2018 in Miami, Fl
Produced by MercuryPlanetFilms/LegionBeats

#JS1 High Life #AMU #TGOD #Cloud9Vibes-JS

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 Juss Smoke here. An entreprenur who specializes in Song Writing/Fashion Modeling/Acting and building the "Juss Smoke brand" to become an ambassador within the THC Community.

I write music, do live performances & schedule music consultations by appointment.

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New Album dropping 2019 titled "Smoke God" 1/19/2019 Direct 2 Exec Atlanta- A&R @ Atlantic Records! Juss Smoke #420 Week 4/20/2019

New Album "Smoke God" Out NOW

Happy to announce my new album "Smoke God" is available for sale & on all streaming plateforms February 14th Valentine's Day. Get your copy Today juss click the Buy Link above here on the Home Page. Feel free to post Likes, shares or comments to give feedback. If you like great music then this album is a MUST have. Much LoVe to all my True Fans. I wouldn't have made it here without YOU! -JS





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